Macho Zapp – Long Player


As those of you that regularly flick through the Ransom Note pages may already know, our writer Mr Dan Leach also runs his own site Macho Zapp which features in-depth long form articles, complete with visual delights to keep you locked in.

His latest offering 'Long Player' is a unique and dramatic trip into the mind of an artist, revealing the elements that make up the music album through the eyes of C.A.R. (aka Chloé Raunet) and her acclaimed debut 'My Friend'. 

Here's a little taste to get you hooked;

“I was just filled with doom. I was absolutely terrified and I couldn’t believe I was going to release this thing. I was just like: “This is shit. I can’t believe this is going out into the public domain.””

This is how Chloé Raunet, a.k.a. C.A.R., describes her feelings when she listened back to her album My Friend. “Now I’ve actually come back round and I do really like the album and I’m proud of it.”

She should be. Released last autumn on Paris label Kill the DJ, it is a heady conspiracy of nu wave and electronica. From the delicious flute intro of La petite fille du 3eme to the future classic Ten Steps Up, teasing melodies dripping with hope find themselves in flux with a deeper darker sadness. For electronic music don Andrew Weatherall it was “one of the best releases of 2014” and Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos, described it as "lovely melancholia”. 

Read the piece in full here.