Luke Abbott – Brazil (Etienne Jaumet Remix)


As if 2012 wasn't starting with enough good music, we've just had this baby drop into the inbox.

'Brazil' was the highlight of Luke Abbot's 'Holkham Drones' album with James Holden describing it as "one of the most joyously utopian records ever made". So what do you do when you have a bona-fide classic on your hands? Slow it down of course! The spasm-inducing 165 BPM speed has now been dropped to a dancefloor friendly 128 BPM so there's no more speeding up the track your playing to mix it in. Unless you play gabba. In which case you were fine.

As if that wasn't enough, the good people at Border Community have also thrown in remixes by Gold Panda and, a particular favourite, Etienne Jaumet – which find the Zombie Zombie man in fine fettle slowing the track even further and adding his John Carpenter sounds to tremendously spooky effect.

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