Luaka Bop to Reissue Doug Hream Blunt’s ‘Gentle Persuasion’


Doug Hream Blunt is a one off anomaly who one day, at the age of 35, decided to attend a 'How To Form a Band' evening class in his hometown of San Francisco. For any of the rest of our society, this would probably end in desperate awful times playing Rolling Stones covers but not for Doug Hream Blunt, oh no. After learning to play electric guitar in one semester, Doug coerced the rest of his classmates to back him in a band and spent two years writing the songs which would later feature on his only LP, Gentle Persuasion. The LP was distributed to a few local record shops, just enough for it to be re-discovered and bought back to life years later for reissue on Luaka Bop today.

Today, Blunt has his own cult following with admirers such as Ariel Pink, Dam-Funk, David Byrne and Jamie Lidell. Blunt's DNA runs throughout the music which can only be described as a fruit salad of multi-genre San Fran magic. A performance of 'Ride The Tiger' will accompany the reissue from Luaka Bop and it will be their first reissuing campaign since William Onyeabor. 

Get a hit of the sweet Mr Blunt here;

Doug Hream Blunt's re-issue of Gentle Persuasion will be out on Luaka Bop on 16th October.