Love On The Rocks reissue Peyote Dreams remix with new reworks from Roza Terenzi & Alex Kassian


Love On The Rocks are set to reissue a remix by Slack of Peyote Dreams’ obscure psychedelic proto-trance cut ‘State Of Mind’, backed up by two remixes from Roza Terenzi and Alex Kassian.

Originally recorded in 1993, Slack – the project of Peace Division’s Justin Drake and Paranoid London’s Quinn Whalley – followed up their debut on Andrew Weatherall’s Sabre Of Paradise imprint earlier that year with this remix, which was then released on UK label Rhythm Design’s first compilation the following year.

Since 2016, the track has become a permanent fixture in LOTR boss Paramida’s sets which planted the idea of reissuing it. Working closely with Justin and commissioning Roza Terenzi and Alex Kassian to “remix the remix”, this release is “a tribute to the enduring appeal of the ‘93 mix, the cyclical and unpredictable life of a record, a rewind through dance music history, and a glimpse into its future.”

The entire limited edition package has been assembled with love and care and comes in a full sleeve with download code and inlay with notes from Justin Drake.

Listen to Roza Terenzi’s remix below…