Louis Crelier retrospective to be released on newly launched Caldeira Records


The first release on the brand new imprint is a retrospective vinyl compilation of music composed by Swiss musician Louis Crelier who is perhaps best known as a composer for film. The music featured on the album is cinematic and experimental by nature, touching upon elements of new age and fourth world sound design and structure famously championed by Jon Hassell. The compilation features eleven tracks and is titled “Rester Partir”. The record is described by the label as follows:

“Rich with FM synthesis, infectious rhythms and evocative motifs, Rester Partir transports us to a fantasised Africa, found onstage at a Lausanne Theatre in 1985. Scoring a story about a 19th Century French missionary’s trip to Timbuktu, Swiss composer Louis Crelier created his own sonic landscape, capturing the exoticism and otherness of an imaginary Mali. Though the hypnotic rhythms and cascading mallets conjure images of the continent, the queasy keys, dubby idents and synthetic sonatas suggest something more interplanetary – picture James T. Kirk and Spock beaming down into the ochre dust of a ruined city. 
Aided and abetted by a selection of ambient interludes, jazzy diversions and polyrhythmic excerpts from Crelier’s film work, as well as the exceptionally Balearic Deep In The Dale from TV series Alpine Academy, the largely unreleased compositions on Rester Partir finally break the fourth wall to find the wider audience they deserve.”

The vinyl will be limited to 300 copies and will be available from the 4th of December. Buy HERE