Lost Songs Included On James Mason’s New Album


James Mason's 'Rhythm of Life' became a cult classic in the late '70s but as musical and cultural changes were afoot his soul-jazz gems became out of fashion and were pushed under the bed, like those favourite shoes we just can't get rid of but save just incase, you know, you might want them again, despite the smell…

James Mason only released one album which only grew in popularity years after its' release and so another album never came to light. Since then, two of the missing tracks, 'The Dance of Life' and 'Up Jump', have been added to 'Recollection Echo', the new album being released on vinyl from James Mason along with some other rediscoveries to create a collection of these forgotten tracks. The album is available to buy on black plastic from the Rush Hour store. 

Get The Dance of Life vinyl from the Rush Hour store or listen on Soundcloud to James Mason via Rush Hour.