Lost App Announces Curators Including Ransom Note


The internet has enabled many things. It has enabled this site which may or may not be a good thing depending on you are. Hopefully it's a good thing. It has also enabled the flow of music in many forms. People stole then in turn stole it for years. Now technology has finally caught up to a more legal model, we've been faced with a fair few of these 'player things'; Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube, Spotify etc. We've embraced them all to varying degrees over here at R$N towers. The first world, yet very real issue is thus; how to collect all these various players into one neat and shiny space. Step forward LOST. 

The music focused app has announced twenty one curators which feature the likes of Stamp The Wax, Hyponik, FACT, Ransom Note and many more. The app also allows users to interact directly with curated content streamed to them by particular voices of relevance within the music industry and archive their preferences into personal playlists, regardless of the source of the content. 

There's a few of these things around but we loved the simplicity of this so when they asked us to get on board a curator we jumped at the chance. 

The brand founder Crispin Lutrille describes the platform and curator involvement as follows: 

“Working together with our curators to bring their discerning voices to a new audience in LOST, is truly exciting. We want to put the music they're talking about right at the heart of our users’ music collections.”

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