Loscil And Cellist Mark Bridges Are Releasing An Album


Vancouver based ambient composer Loscil has announced a new LP in collaboration with cellist Mark Bridges under a new moniker, High Plains.

This is not the first time the two have worked together, with Bridges having contributed strings to Loscil’s 2015 EP Adrift which was released as a generative music app. Cinderland will be released on March 17th via Chicago label Kranky. 

The album was recorded in an abandoned school in Saratoga, Wyoming. The tone of the album is largely informed by the surrounding landscape of where it was recorded, with the pair using field recordings to add to its rich texture. 

The first track to be revealed from the album, its title track, is a foreboding entrance, it's droning cello and resonant pianos lending to a cold, expansive soundscape.

Kranky has described the album as a "site-specific, wide scope view of the high valley terrain… a mix of analog and digital, neoclassical and modern electronic sounds".


01. Cinderland

02. Blood That Ran The Rapids

03. The Dusk Pines

04. A White Truck

05. Ten Sleep

06. Black Shimmer

07. Hypoxia

08. Rushlight

09. Song For A Last Night

Pre-Order the LP via High Plains' Bandcamp


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