Lord Of The Isles To Release Debut Album


"In Waves" will be released on ESP Institute on the 11th of November later this year. The LP is Neil McDonalds first and follows a vast array of previous releases on the likes of Firecracker, Mule and Cocktail d'Amore. This is the first time in which he will appear on the American based record label ESP Institute which has this year seen releases from the likes of Moscoman, Powder and Benedikt Frey. The full tracklist can be found below as well as a track preview:

A1 Airgoid Meall 
A2 Years Away 
A3 Liobasta 
A4 Obar Liobhaite 
B1 Weh-In 
B2 Expansions 
B3 Gualainn 
B4 Yanomami 
C1 Offline 
C2 Three 2BU 
C3 Gravity Waves 
C4 Meserole Ave 
D1 Skylark 
D2 Plasma Nomad 
D3 Jump 


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