Listen: Visionist – Victim


So the album artwork suggested on first glimpse that this single might be some sort of early '00s techstep or hardstyle throwback, especially with the title being the favoured word of approval amongst the youth of said generation, 'Safe'. But how wrong appearances can be.

'Safe' by Visionist could be better described, as it is in the press release, as "fractured R&B" or "liquid grime". Despite these being completely made up terms, you kind of know exactly what they mean by that, don't you? Those two terms could roughly apply to this whole new generation of UK 'future beats': squiggly pitched up vocals, drunken bass lines and jazzy samples chopped up beyond recognition. They're fitting words really for what a lot of people are vibing at this point in time where everything else seems familiar and nostalgic. While pop culture is seemingly in danger of eating itself with these insane splicings of genres with additional 'nu-'s and 'future's tacked on the front, some of the results are actually so original, ethereal and fragile, almost, in their newness that there is hope and optimism to be found in these crazy mutant genres.

'Victim', the first track off Visionist's 'Safe' album is full of ricocheting, thunderous beats; echoing 'goblin' pads; and snippets of barely recognisably human sounds. It's hypnotic, oddly soft and otherworldly despite utilising harsh, grime-influenced motifs. It begins an exploration, that the album continues, of the value of safety: "Comfort, protection, salvation—this is what we search for," says Visionist, "We are taught that a life of no worries is better for us, and therefore we try to create one that is 'Safe.'"

This is 'Victim', the first track of the album which will be released on Berlin label, PAN, and you can have a listen to it here:

The album drops on 9th October from PAN and will be available to buy here.