Listen: Simone Gatto & Haiku – Sonntagnacht Ep


Raw Waxes, the slowly rising Italian techno imprint, offers up a 12" of smooth, hazy, deep grooves from labelhead Haiku and OUT-Electronic Records owner Simone Gatto. 'Wachs Mit Pilzen' is made from crackling electric pulses which surge through warehouse-sized mainframes, before calming down its skittering echoing fills and softening in the middle. 'Sonntagnachtwachs' is similarly charged, the sound of nighttime highway driving, smooth, sleepy, regular and hypnotic.

Standing out somewhat is 'Mittwachs', seasoned with tribal vibes, a peppering of bongos, woodblocks, cricket chirps… The native, interwoven rhythm textures and sombre synth dives give way to familiar coursing techno, whilst the tribal vibes morph into sequnced electronic flecks and fuzz.

It's decent nuts and bolts techno from Italy. Available exclusively on wax from 28th September, give it a go.