Listen: Natural Sciences Ready Next Release


Natural Sciences occupy that same recent retro-futuristic space in which Pacific Rhythm, 1080P and Butter Sessions swim; DIY, photocopied rave posters and zine imagery, ancient drum machines and sequences fed through old recording equipment and swathed in analogue fuzz. Maybe it's mythology, maybe it's not. Sounds great though.

"Narrated by two separate protagonists under one identity, the Deepspace side explores muscular acid trax, aquatic pads and throbbing deep house jams for the floor, while Aquarium on the flip is coated in hazy electronics and dopamine drained murk, drawing on field recordings taken at Tokyo's central train station, through to lush subterranean jams laced in serotonin nostalgia"

Yes please.

Pre-order it now on both vinyl and digital formats over 'ere on the bandcamp. Well good m8.