Listen: Co La – Suffering ‘Tuesday’


"Co La, a seminal player in Baltimore’s experimental club environment, (Club Undo), regularly abstracts the party into intellectually confrontational encounters, be it a rifle scope aimed directly on his forehead or building temporary soundsystems out of zipcars. His recorded music and performances both play with listener’s expectations by inviting drama into otherwise Cool experiences."

This track we've got for you to listen to is a bit of a free form assault of electronic jazz. Like a barrage of auditory hallucinations, the track opens with vocal snippets and chimes, carrying on with a breakdown in traditional structure for a meandering piece that takes brief trips to the lands of breakcore and glitch hop. Pepperings of traffic sirens and soft melodic pads complete the story, which is said to be an album-wide tale of basic fears and desires, "investigating the sensual and emotional aspects of terrestrial life."

Well… this sounds really exciting. Baltimore is a cool city: sitting in a sort of middling position between the North East and the Southern states it has a unique accent, is home to subversive, camp film maker John Waters, and also harbours a pretty great art scene. One of the best art galleries in the North East is the American Visionary Art Museum, on western shore of the harbour of this maritime city. A nice place to drink is Club Charles, a dingy old saloon on Charles Street. A good place to get a raw vegetable juice would be somewhere in the town of Hampden and for food, Lexington Market will find you some crab cakes for which the city is famed. If it wasn't on your route to visit next time you're in the states, maybe factor it in. And apparently it has an experimental club culture too, as demonstrated by Co La here. Good.

Here's Suffering (Tuesday) by Co La:

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