Listen: Black Patterns Lp Forthcoming On Lobster Theremin


Oh my. It's dark, relentless, hissing, crackling, thudding… thick and syrupy as five-year old molasses.

Black Patterns is the alter-ego of London's Snow Bone, a character for him to indulge the more boomy, darker side to his analogue ruminations. Not that he wasn't dark and boomy before, this is perhaps just… less light. Interesting and challenging, balls out experimental techno which in parts veers towards hardcore, ambient soundscapes, dubbed out 2-step, Ed DMX/Factory Floor-style hardware jams, and touches on so many shades of techno it's hard to keep up.

Listen to the samples here:

Preorders available now via the Lobster Theremin bandcamp for the official release on 25th November.