Listen: Ansome – Dave The Rave


The stuttering lights catch everyone in slow motion. The walls ooze, slimy with sweat and nicotine but even so heavy-lidded kids lie slapped against them like rinsed-out towels. The speakers blast, barely able to cope with the track being pumped through them, frenetic, industrial, distorted noise, finding a rhythm and blazing forwards with it before stripping away the bass entirely, depriving the throbbing, chewing, crowded room of the party's heartbeat. An aeriel feedback roar swells, heralding the impending crash of the eternally desired kick drum. Glancing at the DJ, gritting your teeth hard, you force a wide-eyed grin, while a cascade of snares builds the tension of the room until whoops begin to rise. The DJ, you notice, is dressed a bit peculiarly – a bowler hat and a long, dark overcoat. The walls drip, the air thick, it's too hot for that. As the bass smashes through the room he grips the lapels of his coat and rips it apart. A move apparently called helicoptering slaps the needles off the decks, resulting in the hungry crowd looking for the source of the interruption. Promptly they boo him away from his records.

Ansome is responsible for some incredibly hot shit at the moment, with his Tin release last year on his S.L.A.M. label quickly becoming a sought after techno gem. The inimitable Perc Trax had him down to play their tenth-year anniversary at Corsica Studios back in February, and are hosting his next outing, The White Horse EP. It's four tracks of tense, writhing, noisy hardware jams, brutish and industrial. Catch him playing a live modular set at Jaded on 4th October, alongside JoeFarr and Ossian.

The White Horse EP is out on 26th October on Perc Trax.