Coming on like a pure-grade ecstasy tablet with a picture of Billy Idol's face on it, this B-side to their In Tension ep, resurfaced on the truly great Body Request compilation and stunned me from the first listen. It's listed on Boomkat as Skull Fukt, but a bit of research has shown it to be called 'Dark Allies'.

Echoed out sounds reference Belgian New Beat, the Sisters of Mercy and New Order synths at their most primal. If you made a compilation of music to play in that red light club in Terminator, This would feature.

Light Asylum – Dark Allies

They have an album just released on the Mexican Summer label, which sets to improve on the earlier EPs with ten tracks of uncompromising body work. They should be over to the UK in the summer and you tube clips show them to be as good live as you would imagine.
Album details and Mexican Summer shop here.

The best £7 you will spend this Friday Body Request.

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