Leon Ware’s final album to be released featuring Kamasi Washington & Thundercat


The singular musician's last album is set for release on Be With Records on the 13th of September later this year. "Rainbow Deux" features collaborations with prominent jazz musicians of the modern era in the form of Thundercat and Kamasi Washington. Leon Ware had worked with some of the most influential figures in musical history across a lengthy career – these included the likes of Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson and many others. 

The last album from the late musician features new songs recorded and performed by Leon before his health turned. The album is described by the label as a definitive triumph in the face of his greatest challenge. Leon Ware died on February 23rd, 2017.

The label describe the importance and symbolic nature of the release as follows:

"Be With’s first ever release was Leon’s eponymous LP. Re-issuing that album planted the seed of a relationship that has grown to grant us the privilege of presenting his crowning achievement. We know that Leon’s fans all over the Earth will love Rainbow Deux. But we also hope that this album, the final entry in a phenomenal body of work, will reach new fans and find fresh conduits for the spirit of this oft-unsung hero of Soul."