legowelt launches e-zine


Legowelt, where does he find the time? Not content with having 326 aliases and knocking out scores of incredible tracks each week – he’s now managed to shoehorn running his own e-zine into his schedule. 

Order of The Shadow Wolf is a thing of great beauty – presented green on black in ‘true original text format’ and harking back to the pre-internet era of Bulletin Boards – it’s an electronic extension of Danny Woolfers’ warped mind. 

Featuring a Memphis Rap Corner, with reviews from Clendon Toblerone, aged 13; a Xenology 101 – Introduction to extra terrestrial life and an International Hacking Survey section that speculates on the verification of Richie Hawtin’s recent facebook status updates – the whole thing is a mad-cap corner of joy. 

Issue 1 is out now, Check it out over here.