Left Ear to reissue ‘Percussions Pour La Danse’


The Melbourne based record label has established a brilliant reputation for reissuing forgotten gems and rare artefacts across the past four years. The latest comes in a reissue of "Percussions Pour La Danse" – a deep late 80's percussion LP created to accompany contemporary jazz-dance classes. Produced by Jean-Pierre Boistel and Tony Kenneybrew the release features six tracks which blur the lines between percussive elements of jazz and balearic escapades. The release is described in detai by the labell below: 

"The music was created for Tony to use when teaching contemporary jazz-dance classes and to accompany live performance, allowing students to “dance slowly, rapidly and change speeds without changing the tempo!”. This work of rhythmic research was based on the “Balance of The Walk”; in 4 times, in 6 times, in 7 times & in 3 times. In order to reach the spatial possibilities he was striving for, Jean-Pierre would also use computer assisted programming to sample and re-play his own instrumentation. This allowed him to lay down the tempo of the track and then play live over the top, which in turn gave him the freedom to add the desired instruments and effects to each song."