In Flagranti


Over the last two weeks Ive noticed an increasing and disturbing trend in the ever exciting world of popular music- theres been loads of songs coming out that I like. Shitsticks. Its loads easier to slag off whatever crap Skeptas putting out (if you havent seen his new porn video yet, please please save your eyes the trauma, no one, but no one wants to see Skepta getting a nob polishing from a Lidl loyalty card skank) than digging into a tattered bag of superlatives to express just why song x is a better than y, and why you, dear reader, are an insane no mates mug if you dont have it on your hard drive NOW. So, yeah this one from In Flagranti is really good blah blah blah. It honestly is, it reminds me of the golden electro clash years near the turn of the century (do I sound ridiculous suggesting that was a genuine era ? Im standing by it, give me Peaches over Lady Gaga anytime) in that its got a firm nod towards classic New York punk funk with a big beefing bassline and discordant but dumb funky vocals which are kinda hard to decipher but 100% cool, and the drums are kicking enough to sound good on a big system, and its all a bit hard to pin down, but just good.Just listen to it, right.


Ian Mcquaid

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