LCY drops anticipated official debut EP ‘Pulling Teeth’


London-based DJ, producer and visutal artist LCY has released their official debut EP ‘Pulling Teeth’ on their own SZNS7N imprint.

Described as a “dystopic post-human AI universe”, the release is made up of six tracks, two singles ‘shhh’ and ‘garden of e10’ have already been shared, while the other four can now be heard for the first time.

The concept behind the release has been in motion for two years are LCY created their first sketch of a central character Ériu, which takes inspiration from traditional Irish lore, fantasy soundtracks and the books of Mary Shelley. A sonic reflection of this character, ‘Pulling Teeth’ draws inspiration from and reflects not just LCY themself and the world around them, but also Celtic polytheism.

Speaking about the release, LCY says: “‘Pulling Teeth’ is my first completely non-fiction project and experience with world building after envisioning and drawing what would be the main character nearly 2 years ago. The story follows a post-human, post-human friendly AI landscape where the robots known as ‘the organism’ build a robot with a human brain (and accidentally a canine mouth) to in part worship and in part experiment on. The story expands throughout the project, and everything down to the tiniest of frequencies has been built with the intention of immersing the listener.

Through the process of creation, writing and drawing this story into a graphic novel it has become not only a reflection on the character Eriù but drawn inspiration from my own research of Celtic folklore and reflection of myself and the situations/ people around me. This is the first look at this world and its complex dynamics, I would like for people to take what they will of the music and build their own ideas of what it means.

LCY has become a leading voice in UK underground music and culture through their multidisciplinary work, their SZNS7N imprint—which has featured music from NARA, Yazzus, Lijah and more—as well as collaborations with and remixes for Krust, Sicaria Sound’s Cutcrxss Recordings and Sisters Of Sound. More recently they joined Giant Swan and DjRUM for fabric’s London Unlocked series, playing on the iconic Tower Bridge.

1. teeth
2. garden of E10
3. slutty siri
4. shhh
5. bite off the hand that feeds you
6. decay ft. opus

Listen to ‘garden of e10’ below.

Buy ‘Pulling Teeth’ HERE. Photo credit: @eyelusive.