LCD Soundsystem


And so the end begins. LCD are to be no more after their third album. Unfortunately the impending packing up doesnt even seem to be some poorly disguised publicity stunt, where the promised retirement fails to materialise, or lasts about half a year when it does (step forward Jay-Z. Have the decency to look embarassed 50 Cent.) Nope. James Murphy is serious. So heres the first single to come from the final album, and as a career long fan of LCD, Im finding its kind of hard to listen to objectively. Theres no big surprise here. Drunk Girls is more pitch perfect New York punk funk. Handclaps, elastic basslines, dancefloor guitar melodics and those distinctive half rapped half sung adenoids. Its pure uptempo Devo/ Talking Heads territory, made LCDs own by the rising wall of ambience that wraps the song up in a big fuzzy hug of a coda, and Murphys knowing self deprecating lyrics, wit on display as ever when he declares

Just cos Im shallow doesnt mean that Im heartless

Just cos Im heartless doesnt mean that Im mean

Sometimes love gives us to many options

Just cos your hungry doesnt mean that your lean.

If youve ever liked the bands previous work, the chances are youre going to like this, and if you havent spent much time listening to LCD Soundsystem, well, youve got one album left to put that right. In a world lacking in articulate, witty pop stars with charisma and tunes to boot, its a genuine shame that theyre stopping.

Ian Mcquaid

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