Launch of new Tottenham based radio station Threads


Threads, a new radio station based around Tottenham venue The Cause, is launching later this month.

Run by some of the team behind DIY station 199radio, Threads will broadcast 'cutting edge music' as well as 'socially and politically focused' talk shows, with hosts including the likes of RSN favourite Timothy J. Fairplay, Graham Dunning, Faux Naïf and Rommek alongside DJ / events collectives like Loose Lips and Sisu. Yours truly also has a regular slot on the station, the monthly 199radio show Savage Serenity, which will be heading to the new venture.

As well as outlining a few of the shows set to appear on the station the announcement goes on to point out the 'considerable social and political change' that has occurred in and around the Tottenham area in recent years. Acknowledging this change as a contentious issue – one bound up with gentrification, class and the rising cost of rent and living in London – they nevertheless highlight the 'thriving' music and arts scene now shaping the areas development. They add that their intention is to be 'at the forefront of this exciting cultural activity' whilst remaining a platform rooted in community and engagement with difficult local issues.

Alongside the promising run of DJs and music shows they have a number of programs with a different focus, ones that look set to fulfil that community orientated remit. A few of these include 'The Hospice Biographers charity, which relays the stories of people in palliative care; the INSPIRE! Show, which features the perspectives of young people outside of mainstream education; and the Bubble Club music show, which is run by people with learning difficulties and autism'.

As well as the Tottenham branch the station will feature a second stream called Threads*, a sister studio situated in Berlin which will supposedly focus on 'international collaborations' spotlighting the contributors local area rather than their home city as a whole, for example; Threads*Moabit (a district in Berlin) or Threads*Vinohrady (a district in Prague) which is a nice idea. We'll be holding out for Threads specials in Hayes, Slough and Basildon in the near future then.

Threads will launch with a party at The Cause on Thursday 24th January, with some live music, spoken word, punk, stand-up comedy, and sets from some of the station’s pool of DJs. There'll be a spread too courtesy of South Indian-inspired street food vendor Dosa Dons.

Follow the links to their official website and a Just Giving page intended to help with set up costs via the links below.

Threads Official Website

Just Giving Page