Last Resort To Release New Album From Aqueduct Ensemble


"Improvisations On An Apricot" is set for release on the 4th of May next month and features eight tracks. The album is a subtle blend of eclectic jazz fused with electronic elements and soundscapes. Aqueduct Ensemble is a collaboration between Ohio based artist Keith Freund – who has previously released music as part of both Lejsovka & Freund and Trouble Books – and his neighbour Stu, who is a piano tuner and professional pianist. The release will appear on Last Resort, an imprint launched out of the similarly named NTS Radio show. Last year the label released an album from G.S Schray. 

The tracklist can be seen below: 

1. Borrowed Sax Test
2. Cut Grass 1
3. Cut Grass 2
4. Cut Grass 3
5. Potters View North
6. In Perfect Air
7. C. Backlit
8. To Close Without Saving

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