Ladies On Records launch mixtape series in solidarity with women in Poland


Ladies on Records have launched Polish Women Revolution Tapes, a series of curated mixtapes and messages of support from female DJs around the world, to show solidarity with women in Poland. 

Currently Poland is seeing its largest protests ever against the conservative government’s decision to ban almost all abortions, with the only exceptions being for cases of rape, incest or where the mother’s health is at risk. Poland already has some of the strictest and most radical abortion laws in Europe and this further denies women their right to freedom of choice, dignity, and independence.

As a way to show solidarity from afar, Ladies On Records founder Kornelia Binicewicz, who originates from Poland but lives in Istanbul, reached out to female DJs from various corners of the world asking them to contribute empowering songs and messages of hope to support women in Poland who are continuing to fight for their rights. These songs have been compiled into two mixtapes which you can listen to below.

Ladies on Records is a multifaceted platform that strives to tell the stories of women in music from the 60s, 70s and 80s across the globe, and celebrates their contributions to global and local music. Their mission is to reshape and improve the knowledge of women at the coalface during these decades, shedding light on the unspoken, forgotten and neglected cultural, political and aesthetic patterns.

Listen to Volume 1 and 2 of Polish Women Revolution Tapes below…