Knekelhuis To Reissue Dutch Cassette Rarities


The Amsterdam based record label is set to release a new vinyl compilation comprised of tracks from between 1981 -1985. The album features tracks from the likes of Das Ding, Plus Instruments and more. The album is expected to be released on the 11th of September later this year on vinyl. 

More details and pre order link can be found HERE

A1 – Das Ding – Meteor Sinkhole
A2 – Boris Dzaneck – Dance
A3 – Y Create – I Don't Want To Be
A4 – Roy G. Biv – Ulloa's Ring
A5 – Rite De Passage – Quinquerime
B1 – Rotterdans – Interference
B2 – Necronomicon – The Top 04:22
B3 – De Fabriek – Het Terrein
B4 – Plus Instruments – Don't Forget Me


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