Kmah Radio In Leeds Burgled Of Most Of It’s Studio Set-Up


KMAH Radio, "broadcasting from the backstreets of Leeds, seven days a week" and home to shows featuring Man Power, Clandestino, Bonar Bradberry, Craig Bratley, Back To Basics, Bill Brewster and dozens more has been burgled this week. With two brand new CDJ 2000s, a brand new DJM 700, Alto studio mixer and Samsung monitor all stolen, it has left the station and it's massively popular and eclectic shows seriously degraded. While the police have been investigating, and KMAH's solid supporters have taken to social media, there is also a little crowd funder campaign set up to help them get the music back up and pumping proudly. 

To donate to the crowd funder look HERE. Hear selected archives from the radio station HERE

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