Kink uploads tutorial on how to make loop records


Bulgerian house/ techno producer KiNK has spent the last couple of years putting other artists' live shows to shame. Rather than just hitting a few ableton clips and standing back, KiNK makes drum patterns on the fly, creates basslines out of white noise, and, memorably, scratches with homemade vinyl loops. It's kinda hard to explain the concept of the loop, but watch the video below and you'll get the idea. He makes it look so easy! Right, we're off to buy some stickers….



Last weekend I lost a loop record and ahead of the next massive weekend (06.11. Electronic Beats Zagreb 07.11. fabriclondon and Metropolis Festival Dublin) I had to create some more loops. Often people ask me how I do it, so here is a little preview of the procedure 🙂

Posted by KiNK on Friday, 6 November 2015