King Midas Sound Stream First Track Off New Collaboration Lp


King Midas Sound is the three piece made up of Kevin 'The Bug' Martin, singer/poet Roger Robinson, and vocalist Kiki Hitomi. After entering the scene with their 2009 Hyperdub released album Waiting For You, the intervening years have seen the trio build up a sizable cult following, despite having released only one single since 2011 (2013's Aroo). Anticipation for their second album proper is running high, but doesn't look to be satisfied just yet. Instead KMS are side stepping making that 'difficult' second album by embarking on a series of collaborations. Titled the Editions series, Editions 1 sees KMS team up with Austrian guitarist / electronic musician Fennesz. Waves, the first fruits of the collaboration can be heard below. It's a introspective piece; deep, beatless head music- trip hop that's all trip. 


Edition 1 is set to follow on September 18th – full tracklisting runs as follows

1. Mysteries 
2. On My Mind 
3. Waves 
4. Loving or Leaving 
5. Melt 
6. Lighthouse 
7. Above Water 
8. We Walk Together 
9. Our Love 

You can Pre order the vinyl from the NinjaTune bandcamp here