Kindness Seod


Continuing on the myspace trawl we have Kindness. Kindness have stuck Arthur Russell up as their number one myspace pal, and they really mean it. Theyve created music that seems to exist entirely as a homage to the late great skewed genius. Slavishly following in the footsteps of a master usually leads to disappointing results, particularly when you try to emulate a talent as unique as Russells. Luckily Kindnesss songs shimmer and whirl strangely and delightfully over the 4/4 foundation of disco beats, multi track reverberating vocals filling space with layers and layers of melody. Whilst they seem to have a bit of a preoccupation with cover versions (garage classic Gabriel, Papa Dont Preach, and , uhh, The Littlest Hobo…) they also have the ability to craft fine fragile works such as the bubbling dancefloor energy of Seod (which may be a cover as well for all I know…). Definitely worth checking out.

Ian Mcquaid

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