Kevin Richard Martin announces rescore of Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1972 movie ‘Solaris’


UK producer Kevin Richard Martin, also known under his aliases The Bug and King Midas Sound, has announced a rescore of Andrei Tarkovsky’s seminal 1972 movie ‘Solaris’.

The reinterpretation, titled ‘Return To Solaris’, was first conceived in May last year after Kevin was invited by the Vooruit Arts Centre in Ghent to compose a rescore of a film of his choice. Being a longtime fan of the Soviet filmmaker, Solaris was the natural choice.

Set for release on Phantom Limb Records on 25th June, like the film, Kevin’s new score explores themes of love, horror, sorrow, nostalgia, memory and dystopia, crafted through the use of distorted synthesis, atonal noise, drone and intricate sound design.

Active for almost three decades, Kevin Richard Martin is widely known for his work as The Bug, merging dub techno, ragga, dubstep and grime on releases for labels like Ninja Tune, Klein Records and Hyperdub.

1. Opening Credits (Theme For Kris)
2. Solaris
3. Concrete Tunnel
4. Hari
5. Together Again
6. In Love With A Ghost
7. Weightlessness
8. Resurrection
9. Wife Or Mother
10. Rejection Of Earth

Listen to ‘In Love With A Ghost’…

Buy HERE. Photo Credit: Caroline Lessire.