Kevin Mchugh To Release His First Artist Album As La-4a


Kevin McHugh's first artist album ‘Phonautograph’ will arrive on his own Delft imprint, the label that in his own words is dedicated to “roots techno” – acid & electro-indebted machine-based house & techno. The alias was donned for the first time when McHugh launched Delft in 2013 with the underground hit ‘Invader’, a track that continues to be a secret weapon for DJs including Mike Servito, Gerd Janson, Erol Alkan and Bicep. The album promises a variety of styles and tempos, from the electrifying acid house and electro of ‘Resistor’, to slower tempo ambient and experimental excursions such as ‘Frequenzvariabler’. The artwork is also drawn from McHugh’s time in the art world, with DL Alvarez contributing a hand-drawn reproduction of a still image from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. LA-4A also has dates this month in Paris & Berlin.

LA-4A – Phonautograph is released by Delft on 20th May 2016. Follow the label HERE.