Kaidi Tatham and Matt Lord team up for new dance-focused LP on Neroli

Lord&Kaidi – Both

Multi-instrumentalists Matt Lord and Kaidi Tatham join forces for a new dance-focused LP on Volcov’s Neroli imprint.

Titled ‘Find Another Way’, the 10-track release is the first time the musicians have collaboratively worked together under their own names, despite working side by side on projects and tracks. A showcase of their musicianship, the release is chock full of dancefloor material and features collaborations with Dego and Mr Mensah.

Individually the pair have years of experience as remixers, engineers, co-producers and session musicians, having played on hundreds of records for other artists. They’ve both been members of Bugz In The Attic and been involved with several projects for 2000black.


1. Cape Verdean Blues 5.56
2. Find Another Way 6.47
3. Pickin’ and Choosin’ 4.21
4. ABC 6.06
5. Sensitive Souls 5.38
6. Full On 3.31
7. Frequency Range 4.48
8. Une Journée Ensoleillée 6.36
9. A Nice Sunday Evening 4.54
10. Strollin 4.18