27 years of !K7


How much do you know about !K7? They’re the German label that does the DJ-Kicks mix series, the one that includes that Kruder & Dorfmeister mix that routinely tops Best Mix Album Ever charts, right? Well, yes, all that’s true, but there’s a lot more to !K7 than that. On the 27th anniversary of the company’s existence, the label is taking a look back on nearly three decades of playing an integral role in the trajectory of electronic music, and the independent music landscape as a whole.

The !K727 celebration – see what they’ve done there – will involve a special release of new music, a multi-media event centered around this year’s Berlin Festival, and a website (www.k7-27.com) highlighting the company’s history and featuring thoughts on the changing musical landscape from a varied group of musicians and industry leaders including DJ Jazzy Jeff, Richard Dorfmeister, Mark Arm of Mudhoney, Peter Silberman of The Antlers and many more.
Horst Weidenmueller founded !K7 in Berlin in the mid-’80s. As a young man he’d moved to the city (at the time still divided by the Berlin Wall) and become inspired by the nihilistic noise of industrial pioneers like Einsturzende Neubauten. Compelled to engage with the creative dynamic around him while not playing an instrument himself, Weidenmueller began video recording the live shows of the artists that inspired him. Indeed !K7 was originally conceived as an outlet for these video recordings, including work with Nick Cave, Swans, Lydia Lunch, Testdepartment, Psychic TV, Shark Vegas, and others.
!K7 are giving away a four EP's to celebrate their birthday, including the MCDM/WSGM one below check out all the info here.