Justin Robertson Reveals Details Of New Deadstock 33s Lp ‘Everything Is Turbulence’


It's Tuesday morning here at Ransom Note towers. The diggers are digging across the street and the air is muggy as usual. What excitement may come our way today (aside from the diggers)? I'll tell you what. The news of a new album by Justin Robertson under his moniker Deadstock 33s, on none other than the illustrious Skint Records. Hoorah.

The great Justin Robertson was born in Walton upon Thames back in '68 and studied Philosophy at Manchester and worked at Eastern Bloc before he started his career as a remix artist and producer. These are all interesting Wikipedia facts you can bring up if you ever meet him.  

This is Everything Is Turbulence and it's a most interesting one this, with quite a variety of sounds. We've got psychedelic guitars whirling around a motorik beat on Sacred Bone, Dubby rhythms on Metal Taste, a nice (yes we just used the word nice), generally spikey techno feel elsewhere permeated by disco arpeggios, and guest appearances from everyone's favourite walk-on comic actor, the 303. At times trippy, at others no-nonsense, all of the highest danceable calibre and goes very well with watching the diggers across the road.

Here's what people who matter think too: 

"Unlike the cut of Mr.Robertson's sartorial jib the record is low slung and oozing filth." Andrew Weatherall
"JR's dancefloor credentials are clear for all to see but the best thing about this album is how it shows his true psychedelic side. The result of years of endless crate digging and experimentation by a timeless character." Daniel Avery 

This record will be out on 25th September on physical and digital formats. Pre Order Here

Check the teaser here…