Justin Martins ‘Hello Clouds’ Due To Release In April


Dirty Bird certainly has their head in the clouds with this one. Justin Martins' second album 'Hello Clouds' is the be released the 20th of April. 

Tracklist below:

1. Dive In, 2. Hello Clouds ft. FEMME, 3. The Feels, 4. Odyssey ft. Lena Cullen, 5. Upcountry, 6. Rabbit Hole ft. Charlotte OC, 7. Be Mine, 8. Back To The Jungle ft. Will Clarke, 9. Tropical Storm Mango, 10. Wet Cat (Sooo Wet) ft. Kill Frenzy & Ardalan, 11. Midnight ft. Christian Martin, 12. U R Here, 13. Hold Them ft. Mohna

Link to Justin Martin

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