Jumper of the Week


Not ones to blow our own trumpet over at R$N towers but we've been partial to a banger of a jumper for quite a while now… we've heard it's quite trendy now round Dalston ways.
Having had pretty much our entire knitwear collection ravaged by moths over the winter and a tear brought to the eye it was with some excitement that this fine piece of upper body wear dropped in our inbox. 
As winter turns finally to spring… and back to winter again this past week it seems only fitting to look at dispensing with the woolen-ware and tread, albeit lightly into jumper territory.
In our quite probably sporadic Jumper of the Week column we pick a rather fine piece of 'jump-ware' (technical term) that's been floating our boat…
This week take a trip down the burger van for this little peach… enjoy.
See you next week.. maybe!
Anything been jumping out at you? (see what I did there?) – email it us