Juice Vcr, New Platform For Diy And Independent Music Videos, Launches


The music video – an art-form that just doesn't get the same love in this day and age that it did back in our childhoods. Sure, videos are still a huge way of promoting new music with major labels still shedding thousands on top production and perfect choreography. Take for instance Taylor Swift's video for Bad Blood, there are still music videos that everyone wants to talk about or blog about. Every now and then there comes along that 3 or 4 minute piece of genius that makes Kanye West interrupt other award winners to rave about. And yet the artform amongst smaller labels has taken quite a back seat as budgets don't really stretch to anything particularly fancy. Also, what's the point when videos for more obscure acts are going to be lost in the vast jungle of the internet, never gathering enough likes to become a featured YouTube clip?

Well, once upon a time, a mixture of major and independent label's music used to be showcased on channels like MTV, or MTV2 for something a little more alternative. Nowadays if you want to hear a shedload of commercial big room house, chart music or a rotation of about 15 identikit metalcore bands played on repeat all day then you are golden. Music channels have got what you are looking for.

But Juice VCR is a new platform that hopes to rekindle the act of discovery, particularly discovering sounds that you never particularly thought to look for. The audio-visual web station provides a stream with a handful of majors, to pique outsider's interest, but mostly offers obscure and independent music of all kinds to an explorative audience.

"Juice aims is to help connect artists directly to new audiences, celebrate DIY culture and the hypnotic relationship between sight and sound."

Visit Juice VCR here to start your audio-visual adventure.