Jozif Interview


With a rather great new EP on Culprit 'Lady B' about an unamed someone about to drop, a renewal on his We Love… residency this summer, Renaissance & Bedrock appearances, a rebel rave stalwart and plenty more besides it's looking like 2012 is going to be jozif's year. We went and had breakfast with the man who doesn't like to mix his words  – please not, he was nothing but courteous and welcoming but it would've been nice tease some contentious (and printable) soundbite out of him! – to hear his thoughts on a fair few bits and pieces…

Tell us about your musical upbringing and what shaped where you're at musically today.
I was pretty fortunate to brought up in a house where both my parents were in the music business so was obviously always surrounded my music and musicians (which wasn't always a good thing actually:)
My father was a pro drummer since he was 14(!!) And after my mother left the Royal Ballet she danced (and sang) on various TV shows and summer seasons – that's how she met my Dad.
I've got no doubt that the influences from, not only my parents, but both my brothers and the people I used to hang round with as a kid have definitely helped shape where I am now musically. I think it shapes everyone – experiences, emotions, relationships – these things can't help but inform, educate or shape you in some way or another.

You can really hear a maturity in your sound and production running through your new EP. To what do you attribute this?
Thank you – I don't really know how to answer that one 🙂 I just play what's in my head and sometimes what comes out sounds good.

Serenade sees you taking a more reflective tone, stepping away from the dancefloor. Are we going to see you soundtracking films shortly?
I think I'm a long way off that but it would be super cool to have a bash

Who is Lady B?
You'll know when you see her 🙂 

You were a resident at We Love… last year. What have you got lined up for the summer of 2012? Do you still play with the Crosstown stable a lot?
Yep I actually jus got my dates thru for this season today. I'm super excited as they've asked me back for 4 shows again on the main Terrace. I had such an amazing time there last year and learnt a lot!! So can't wait to get back in that beautiful booth and on that stunning rig. Yep more Rebels stuff coming up, we have our annual Miami party at the end of this month and I jus did a RR with Damian at Basics which was a bit of a spesh moment for me because I've been going to Basics for absolutely eons and probably played the best I had for a while. Plus everyone at the club is 'double mint' 🙂

You're not known to be someone who mixes his words! What have you said that you most regret and similarly what are you most proud of?! 🙂
I can't really think of anything that I've said that's either cringe worthy or something to be proud of. Most of what comes outta my mouth I forget within 6mins because my memory is so appalling.  Having said that, I did swear at an old lady once in Norwich which was pretty regretful!

How did the collaboration with with Roc-A-Fella signed r&b and soul singer/songwriter Terri Walker come about?
It was pretty simple really – we met, got on like a house on fire and hey presto! She's not only an amazing singer but a fantastic person, its not very often you meet someone like her. I was very privileged to work her on Twighlight and can't wait for the next one 🙂

I notice there's no vocal collaborations on the new EP. Was this a conscious move?
Most definitely. This EP is all about one person and nobody else.

Suddenly Somethin' was anthemic… I'd known it for ages and didn't even know it was you who'd written it – shows my ignorance! Have you got another one of those crackers up your sleeve and round the corner?!
Have the other releases not been 'crackers' then? 🙂

Is that a live bass on Lady B's Tea… might we see you moving into a live setting over the coming years?
Yea, I'm always trying to incorporate live elements into my music. I'm a sucker for a snare drum or pluck of slap bass 🙂 As for doing live stuff, I'm almost there..

Lady B's Lullaby was inspired by The Cure. What's your favourite Cure album?
Impossible to choose

You're playing at Renaissance's R20 20th Anniversary celebrations. Are you as old as I am, did you ever get to it in its heyday? Did you have Sasha and Digweed's seminal triple disc-er?
WOWZERS!! Yea man 100000%  All those guys completely changed the way I looked at DJing: Sasha, Digweed, Craig Richards, Lee Burridge, Danny Howells, Steve Lawler… The list goes on and on.
Think I have almost every mix CD of Sasha's but that's more down to my younger brother who was a massive fan of his and has a encyclopedic knowledge of music.  Again, someone I owe a lot to in respects to my taste and influences.

Cats or Dogs?
Grilled or fried?

Where's the strangest place you've woken up?
Mynyddback Recreational centre

Does it just keep getting better?
All depends on the view 🙂

jozif's new single Lady B drops on 4th April, he plays Renaissance's 20th Anniversary in Birmingham and Leeds on Sunday 8th April.