Joshua Gottmanns & Infuso Giallo are Tableau Vivant on new EP


The pair have teamed up collaboratively to release an EP on Kame House Records which will be released in mid November later this year. Kame House is an imprint which has evolved since formation, not keen to stand still the new EP features a left turn of sorts as the duo release a collection of tracks described as slo mo house – a sound which has swept across Berlin with prominence as of late. 

The new collaborative project is described as follows by the label:

"The time of superficiality is over, we need another perspective. The Tableau Vivant, that reenactment of painting by people, offers a new way of looking at things. A look into the depths, into the innermost of the artwork, a liveliness that jumps right out of the picture"

Titled "Double Dream Hands" the EP will be available on vinyl and is being distributed by Kompakt. 

A full tracklist can be found below:

A1 – Double Dream Hands (8:19)
A2 – As The Vapour Rises (6:43)
B1 – Hypertonic Heist (6:18)
B2 – End Orb (5:56) 

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