Josey Rebelle records new mix for physical Beats in Space series


The celebrated, London based DJ has recorded a sprawling set which showcases her musical heritage. It plays out across a spectrum of genres and styles, showcasing the heritage and distinct approach Josey has become known for in the booth. She is the second to appear in the series, following the success of the release of the inaugural mix from Powder. 

Tracks from Hieroglyphic Being, Loraine James, Afrodeutsche, Dj Marcelle, Rroxymore and many more all feature across the course of the release which will be available both in mixed and unmixed formats. 

The label has described the release as follows:

"Josey Rebelle is the deserving recipient of many accolades and awards, though her accomplishments are, as with all great artists, unquantifiable. Just as her style doesn’t fit neatly into a few-word package, Josey In Space combines classic and current sensibilities with a selection of exclusive and elusive music to elevate this mix beyond the ephemeral to the eternal. Drawing from a kaleidoscope of deeply felt and understood sounds, Josey studies and collocates history as well as directing its course. With her sets on the air and in the club, Josey urges you to listen close to the story, to feel the energetic shifts in style, sound, speed, mix; up, down, rough and smooth. Josey’s sets are motivated by the ineffable and inevitable dance, mess and sweat of life: “eclectic,” an oft-applied catchall, just scrapes the surface of this scope and vividness."

A full tracklist can be seen below:

01. DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess – Dub (Dub)
02. rRoxymore – What’s The Plan
03. Tenesha The Wordsmith Feat. Daniel B. Summerhill – I Dream So Loud
04. Afrodeutsche – Phase Two
05. Fotomachine – BBoy
06. Brassfoot – Kingu’s Sceptre
07. Automation – Electricity
08. Hieroglyphic Being – Bird Songs 4 Amelie
09. Uschi Classen With Robert Owens – Only In Your Eyes (Nwachukwu Innervision 1)
10. Titonton Duvante – Avenues
11. Reggie Dokes – Piano Seduction
12. Nubian Mindz – Sunrise 777
13. Rum & Black – Zombies At Dawn
14. Loraine James – Glitch Bitch
15. Shy One – Route II Romeos
16. Access 58 – Jazz Drama
17. Andrés – Café Con Léché
18. Molinaro – Amber Beach
19. Rogue Unit – Dance Of The Sarooes (Nookie Remix)
20. Lex Amor – Praises

More details and pre order HERE