JosephApted of Thunder’s 5 for Farr


Iron Curtis – Horses (Move D remix)

Great 4 tracker this, but the Move D mix is the one for me. Just a great summer tune, has that slightly wonky bass-heavy sound but then just builds and builds into a really melodic, uplifting track.

Gnork – Blorp 93 
I’m a big fan of Gnork and the Blind Jacks Journey label, and if any tune was made for Farr it’s this……It has that retro-ravey sound, with uplifting pianos and a breakbeat bit, which could sound a bit shit but is actually amazing. Life-affirming  music for dancing to on a hay-bale.


XDB – Frocks

Killer of a track that I played at the last Thunder – whilst it’s fairly deep like most of the Sistrum stuff, this has that element of funk to it that makes it stand out, and its perfect for the occasion. A deep, hypnotic and funky track for those fuzzy moments. 

Xosar – The Calling/Rays of Babylon
Either side of this could feature, it’s a really solid release. I read that she produced this record in the Californian sunshine and wanted to try and get the feelings of happiness and sunshine onto the record. I think that definitely comes across, it’s properly lush, psychedelic house music which just wants me to dance outside in the sunshine. 

Mood II Swing – Ooh
The above are all new records, but in terms of older music this might an appearance! Was playing it at the weekend and it’s just one of those pieces of mid 90’s house music perfection, that was tucked away as the 2nd track on a b-side. Mood II Swing did so many great tracks like this i.e doesn’t do a great deal, but the production is so slick and tight that it never fails to get a great reaction. Proper party record.