Jonquera to release debut album on Bamboo Shows


The French artist is set to release his first full length album, an assortment of drone and ambient music for Bamboo Shows in what will also be the first vinyl release on the label. The LP is titled ‘Darkos’ and features fourteen tracks made up of dark, foreboding soundscapes and raw, rugged, industrial textures. The release is apocalyptic by nature and comes accompanied with artwork designed by French artist Alison Flora “who used her own blood as ink to realize the artwork”.

Jonquera previously released an EP for BFDM but this is described as a totally different proposition by the label.

“Produced in one week only, the project between medieval dark-ambient, HD sound- design and esoteric illbient takes inspiration from Noise Music and Doom to introduce alternately a gloomy, epic or spiritual atmosphere.”

Visit the Bamboo Shows bandcamp HERE