Jon K & Elle Andrews launch MAL Recordings with EP from Ausschuss

Ausschuss_Press_2021 B (1)

DJs Jon K and Elle Andrews have launched their new label MAL Recordings with a collection of leftfield club cuts from Ausschuss.

Launched with Covid and various other world events as the backdrop that informed the name, the label will be a place for outsider sounds. As well as being reflective of founders Jon and Elle’s DJ styles and musical tastes — unrestricted by genre, instead linked by common threads and moods — the pair will put emphasis on the personalities of the artists involved through a collaborative process from conception to release.

For the inaugural release, they enlist Berlin-based sound designer Ausschuss to set the tone for the genre-bending sounds that will form the backbone of the imprint.


Made up of seven tracks, ‘Cruise’ demonstrates his knack for shattering the borders between dembow, industrial dancehall and UKG, striking a balance between precision and chaos. This is rudely countercultural business, colouring outside the lines of convention in a way that defies categorisation, but will be recognised by dedicated DJs and dancers.

Ausschuss is the moniker of Linus Nicholson who has previously released his rhythmic experiments on Milan’s Haunter Records and Anti-Ghost Moon Ray.

Listen to ‘Cruise’ below.


Pre-order HERE.