John Beltran revives Placid Angles alias for new LP on Magicwire


The critically acclaimed producer and musician has announced new music under the guise of Placid Angles for the first time in 22 years. His last outing under the alias was back in 1997 for the infamous Peacefrog Records. Now, he is set to return with a new album titled 'First Blue Sky' on Magicwire, the record label run by Lone. The album features ten tracks and is set for release in mid March later this year, a full tracklist can be found below. Precious little further information has been released but a message was unveilved by the label in line with the announcement:

"Placid Angles (John Beltran) & Magicwire would like to dedicate this album to You, The Earth & Everything."

Track List:
1. First Blue Sky
2. Angel
3. A Moment Away From You
4. Vent
5. Earth and Everything
6. Ocean Floor
7. Bad Minds
8. 1700
9. Breathe Her In
10. Soft Summer (Revisited)

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