Joe to release new EP on Comeme


In what is a left turn for the record label, Joe will release a three track EP with the imprint on the 6th of September later this year. Cómeme is run by Matias Aguayo and has been synonymous with far reaching sounds from across the wider realm of electronic music often whilst channeling a Latin influence. The label recently reinvented it's identity and this was followed by a string of releases from Katerina, Mujaji The Rain, Gladkazuka and more. 

This will be the first time that Joe has featured on the label, a producer who has previously released music on the likes of Hessle Audio, Text Records and Hemlock Recordings. His sound has often been associated with percussion and as such his appearance on Cómeme makes sense. The EP is a sporadic assortment of tribal influences, broken beats and jazzy melodic flutters. 

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