Jeff Mills Exhibitionist 2 Release Date Revealed


The wait for the sequel of the Exhibitionist is finally over! The CD & DVD version of Exhibitionist 2 will be out in September, there will also be a series of 3 EP releases alongside that.  All the tracks in the EP were written by Jeff Mills specifically for the project, in the DVD we will also get a view as to how the tracks were made. 

The Louvre Museum in Paris will host Exhibitionist 2 on June 19th. As part of his current residency, Jeff Mills invites guest musicians Angie Taylor on bass and Gerald Mitchell on keyboards for a one of a kind performance. An exclusive edit of the Exhibitionist 2 created for the event will also be shown.  The film explores how the electronic musician creates music on the spot while providing a commentary of the whole process. 

Watch the Exhibitionist 2 trailer here;