JD Twitch announces new label ‘Anti Facism Trax’


Optimo’s JD Twitch has launched a new label in response to the current rise of far-right politics and ideology. Against Facism Trax will support opposing action through music, releasing 10 EPs next year. Music from Logtoad, Al Jerry and Joe Goddard has already been confirmed for 2019. Having released a lengthy statement detailing the aims and ideas of the label, here are some of Twitch’s most resonant words:  

“Our current global political climate gives grave cause for concern, because when the world tips to the right, those within marginalised communities feel repressive outcomes directly & immediately.  It is easy to think “it surely isn’t so bad”?, but those people precarious in their life circumstances, marginalised in our communities and displaced across the borders of the world are already suffering the consequences – often violently – of this shift in ideology. The label’s message is very simple. The far right ultimately wish for the destruction of our way of life and indeed the lives of many of the people we love. The message is love. The message is solidarity. The message is No Pasaran – They shall not pass. It is a call to stand together, it is a call to stand up, it is a call to ACT.  Individually we may be powerless, but together we are strong. If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!”

All profits from the label will be donated to Hope Not Hate, a UK-based charity fighting racism and facism.

Listen to an EP sampler HERE. Optimo will play for Ransom Note in London next month HERE