Jay Sean ft Nicki Minaj


Im not lying, this is remarkable. Jay Sean has made a euphoric urban pop track about the apocalypse. THE FUCKING APOCALYPSE. The chorus goes like this

Party like its the end of the world// party like its 2012

I know that Jays been moving in some pretty high circles recently, but what does he know that we dont ? Are the end days coming ? And is he trying to warn everyone that the seven seals are breaking, seas boiling, horseman riding, beast rising rah radah rah ?? Years back, only a few years back mind, this sort of rumination was pretty much restricted to murky web forums and a bloke called Dave Arbus who came and gave a talk to my sixth form about the inevitable rise of the 22nd Galactic Federation. Thankfully, now with the widening reach of the internet Brits abroad such as Mr. Sean here can write mediocre pop songs about it all and convince Nicki Minaj to phone a rap in half way through. All in all, somewhere between baffling and boring.

Ian Mcquaid