jay daniel ep on wild oats up for pre-order


Jay Daniel came bursting onto the scene last year with his debut release dropping on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature. That record, Scorpio Rising, put Jay on the map and he’s since toured the globe DJing and garnering fans all over. He’s caused a bit of controversy, too, owing to a snide remark or two on facebook (he aint part of you dream, bloggers) but, hey ho, he wouldn’t be the first DJ/Producer to come over a bit, err, difficult.

Anyway, he’s about to drop a follow up to the Sound Signature 12″ on Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats label (fitting as the pair throw a party together in Detroit called Fundamentals) – the Karmatic Equations EP is a double pack, with 5 tracks split over 2 12″s. From the clips available online, it sounds like a development from his previous release – more earthy, more varied.

Pre Orders are available on the Wild Oats website now, where you can preview all 5 tracks.